Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions about the lotteries featured on Lottodraw.com below. New lotteries are being added to the website regularly, so be sure to check back or let us know if there’s a specific game that you’d like to see.

Each section of the website is shown, with specific questions and answers categorised to provide you with the most relevant information.


How do I check the latest results?

Each lottery has its own dedicated page on Lottodraw.com, featuring the latest result, historical results and information about how to play each game. To help you find the specific game you’re looking for, they have been split into overall areas, for example if you’re looking for EuroMillions or SuperEnalotto, head to the European Lotteries section.

All the available lotteries are linked from the menu at the top of the page. Alternatively they can be accessed here:

How can I place a bet on my favourite lottery?

Depending on your location, it may be possible to bet on certain lotteries online. Not all games are available for betting, however more games are added regularly.

When you visit a certain lottery page, a specific “Bet Now” button will appear, if it is possible to place a bet on that game from your location.

By clicking on a “Bet Now” button, you will be taken to a trusted and regulated third party website to securely place your bets. Please note that you will need to create an account with the third party website to place your bets.

In the event of any prize wins, the website that you create your account with will automatically inform you of any wins. Please note that it is not possible to claim any prizes through LottoDraw.com, as your bets are not placed with us.

How do I claim a prize?

If you are betting online, the way in which you claim a prize will be clearly set out by the website that you place your bets through.

Generally speaking, you will receive any lower value prizes automatically in your online account. You can then withdraw these funds to your banking account or use them to purchase future bets.

In the event of larger prize or jackpot wins, you will be contacted by a representative from the betting company to arrange the payment of your prize to you.

If you have placed a bet in-store in your country, you will need to take your betslip back to the same bookmaker to receive your prize.

I’ve received a message telling me that I’ve won a prize, is it legitimate?

If you have not purchased a lottery ticket or bet, it is not possible to win a prize.

There are many scammers that use social media, email, post and other platforms such as SMS message to attempt to trick potential victims into believing that they have won a prize. No official lottery operator or betting company would contact you via social media to tell you that you have won a prize.

If you receive an email that you think may be legitimate but you have concerns, you should not click any links from the email. If it is telling you that you have won a prize, you can simply visit the website in question and sign in to your account to see if this is the case – you won’t need to follow any links from any emails. You can also contact the website in question separately to confirm whether or not the communication you have received from them is legitimate.

Finally, you should not give out any personal or financial information to anyone that you believe to be a potential scammer. If you have provided financial information to someone that you later find to be a scammer, you should contact your bank immediately so that additional security measures can be put in place.

How do I open a LottoDraw.com account?

It is not possible to open an account at LottoDraw.com, as we are not a lottery or betting operator.

If you have created an account elsewhere, you will need to log in through the website in question. If you are unsure which website you have created an account with, you should check your emails to see if there was any confirmation email received when the account was created.

What is LottoDraw.com?

LottoDraw.com is an independent lottery results and information service that provides detailed information about a wide range of lottery games around the world. Our aim is to simplify how results are accessed and to provide valuable information to you, the user, on how you can participate in the draws from your location.

LottoDraw.com is not a lottery operator and is not affiliated or associated with any of the lotteries featured on the website.