European Lotteries

With ever increasing popularity around the world, Europe’s lotteries are known for their big jackpots, generous payouts and in some cases, great chances of winning!

Whether you prefer the record-breaking jackpots that EuroMillions can offer, the lower payouts in daily games such as Italy’s MillionDay or Spain’s Bonoloto, or just the thrill of the French Lotto and Greek Powerball, you can find everything you need right here to enjoy all the games available.

France Lotto

Next Jackpot: €12,000,000 - Bet Now

Offering a regular Lotto game as well as a Lotto Plus second chance draw, France Lotto is one of the most popular European lotteries among international players in South Africa.

Draws take place every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, with additional special draws taking place occasionally throughout the year to celebrate big events.

The base jackpot for France Lotto is 2 million Euros (around 33 million Rand), and with each draw when the Division 1 prize is not won, it will increase by a further 1 million Euros. This means the jackpots can reach tens of millions within just a matter of weeks.

Special draws to mark events such as Valentines and Christmas often bring significantly boosted jackpots; occasionally to around 20 or 30 million Euros!

South Africans can bet on the French Lotto thanks to sites such as LotteryWorld, where bets match the main game and therefore mean you can win the big prizes on offer.

France Lotto results

Greece Powerball

Next Jackpot: €800,000

The Greek Powerball lottery (known in Greece as Joker), like the French Lotto, also takes three times a week; on Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. If you’re a regular player of both lotteries, this means there are six combined draws per week!

There are two sets of numbers drawn in Greece’s Powerball game; you first need to pick five numbers from a pool of 1-45, followed by the Powerball/Joker number from a separate pool of 1-20. Those betting on the game from South Africa will have the option to bet on up to four numbers in a regular draw bet. There are options for betting with or without the bonus ball included, as well as separate bets relating specifically to the bonus ball number drawn.

Jackpots in Greece Powerball use a rollover feature, as is common with many European lotteries. Thanks to this, the jackpot reached a record €19.3 million back in 2010, so it’s entirely possible to become a multi-millionaire in this game.

Greece Powerball results


Next Jackpot: €30,000,000 - Bet Now

Holding the record for the biggest jackpot won in Europe, EuroMillions is a pan-European game that combines entries from millions of players across multiple countries.

Draws take place on a Tuesday and Friday, with jackpots rolling over between draws if none of the tickets sold manage to win the Division 1 prize. In February 2021, the jackpot managed to roll over to reach a record-high of 210 million Euros (approximately 3.54 billion rand)!

There are 13 different divisions in each draw, with varying odds and prizes on offer. Look out for regular Superdraws, which boost the top prize to 130 million Euros. If the jackpot rolls over enough times, there will be a rare ‘Must Be Won’ draw, in which the entire Division 1 prize will roll down to Division 2 winners, if it is not won on the night.

Betting on EuroMillions from South Africa is quick and easy, and your bet matches the play method and payouts of the main game, which means you have the same chance to win those multi-million Euro jackpots!

EuroMillions results


Next Jackpot: €10,000,000 - Bet Now

Launched around eight years after EuroMillions, Eurojackpot is the second pan-European game that combines entries from players across multiple countries.

Jackpots are capped at 90 million Euros, however there are 12 divisions in total that offer impressive payouts for those matching fewer numbers.

In total, 18 countries participate in the Eurojackpot draw every Friday, with Poland being the most recent country to sign up to the game. As there is only one draw per week, jackpots tend to jump up rapidly between rollovers thanks to the number of tickets sold. Different participating countries offer various side-games, such as second chance draws and raffles. If you’re betting online, though, you are just entering the main base game.

Just like EuroMillions, your bets are matched to the main game, meaning you choose your numbers as though you were purchasing a ticket, and you can still win those mega jackpots from South Africa.

Eurojackpot results

Italy SuperEnalotto

Next Jackpot: €98,300,000 - Bet Now

SuperEnalotto is Italy’s big-jackpot lottery, which has previously reached eye watering amounts such as €209 million, which was won back in 2019.

Draws take place every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night at 8pm, around the same time as the Italian Lotto game. Occasionally, national holidays and events mean that draws are postponed, however these are communicated in advance and any tickets purchased are still valid for the postponed draw.

The odds of winning a SuperEnalotto Division 1 prize are a hefty 1 in 622,614,630; placing it above EuroMillions, Eurojackpot and even the biggest U.S multi-state lotteries. The odds, however, mean that the jackpot can reach such dizzying amounts while still paying out huge prizes at lower divisions.

Italy SuperEnalotto results

Spain Bonoloto

Next Jackpot: €2,400,000

Bonoloto draws take place every day of the week (except Sunday) in Spain, and offer a Division 1 prize that starts from €400,000.

If there are no grand prize winners in a draw, the Division 1 pool rolls over to the next day, increasing in value for any players that can win it. In total, there are six prize divisions that players can win when they buy a ticket, with prizes starting from matching just the Reintegro number on its own.

To play, six numbers need to be selected from a pool of 1-49. If you’re betting on the game internationally, you should check with your bookmakers for the markets available on this game. Typically you will be able to bet on one to five predicted numbers in a regular bet, with options such as Draw Sum and Bonus Ball bets available.

Italy MillionDay

Next Jackpot: €1,000,000

Another daily European lottery comes in the form of Italy’s MillionDay. The game does as it says on the tin – it offers a Division 1 prize of 1 million Euros every day of the week!

There are a total of four prize divisions, with prizes starting from matching as few as two numbers. Matching all five numbers drawn will win you the Division 1 jackpot.

To play, five numbers from a range of 1-55 must be selected, however those buying tickets in Italy can also play system entries, which essentially allow you to select more than five numbers. Doing so means the entry price is significantly higher, as each combination of five numbers must be purchased to cover the amount of numbers selected.

There are no rolling jackpots in MillionDay, which means you always know what you’re playing for.

Poland Mini Lotto

Next Jackpot: Up to zł400,000

Mini Lotto is one of the most popular Polish lotteries, offering daily chances to win jackpots of around 400,000 złoty (around 1.4 million rand).

To play Mini Lotto, five numbers from 1-42 must be selected, either manually or at random with a Quick Pick. If you match all five winning numbers drawn, you’ll win the Division 1 jackpot prize!

If you miss out on the jackpot, there are still two other divisions offering prizes for matching four or three numbers respectively. Prizes are paid out on a pari-mutuel basis, which means that they will vary from draw-to-draw, depending on how many tickets are sold and how many winners there are in each division.

If you’re betting on Mini Lotto internationally, you will most likely have the option to bet on one to four of the numbers drawn – however you must match all numbers that you bet on and there are no prizes for a partial match.